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Gunn sports Booster annual auction

Submitted by Miriam Rotman

Gunn sports Booster annual auction is coming soon, on March
4 2012.

This year our focus will be on raising funds for the State-of-the-Art training facility in the new gym. This facility, open to all Gunn students, will improve their athletic ability, help with strengthening and is of utmost import in preventing and dealing with injuries.

We are still looking for auction items such as vacation homes, airline miles, tickets to events, parties all of which are a wonderful way of donating and are of-course tax-deductible. Please email Pamela Perez if you can help us. No donation is too small :)

Sports Update - January

Submitted by Miriam Rotman


The Gunn boys' and girls' soccer teams evened the score with their Palo Alto counterparts on Wednesday as the Titans swept the Vikings. The Gunn boys continued Palo Alto's poor season with a 2-0 triumph on the Vikings' field. The Titans are now 2-0 in the SCVAL De Anza Division (5-2-2 overall) as Andriy Khrustalyoz and Mario Tepia provided the goals while Kevin Macario and David Alcazar contributed the assists. The game was close for the first half, tied at 0-0. Gunn came out strong in the 2nd half
scoring 2 goals while the defense and midfield worked tightly to shut down scoring opportunities for Paly. Boot Bullwinkle, the goalkeeper made key saves to help the strong defense and maintain the shutout. Gunn boys followed the win with a 1-1 tie against a strong Los Altos team. Goal scorer for Gunn was David Koo, assist by Johnny Sun. Cameron McElfresh was strong
on defense preventing many scoring chances. At Gunn, the host Titans pasted a 3-1 defeat on the Paly girls as Ming Ming
Liu scored twice and Sarah Robinson added another goal plus an assist. Gunn improved to 1-1 in league (5-5 overall) while Paly fell to 0-2-1 in league (2-4-3 overall). Gunn's Natalie Perreault and Bella Harbert had their best games of the season on both sides of the ball while teammate Haleli Moalem added an assist on the first goal. The Vikings missed a golden opportunity to score right in front of the cage in the opening minute, with Gunn dominating the rest of the first half with possession and speed while putting pressure on Paly, though at the half the score was tied 1-1. Paly missed another scoring opportunity in the second half before Robinson made a nice individual move through multiple players and scored in the 71st minute in a one-on-one with Chang. Paly coach Kurt Devlin then added another forward (Marina Foley) while pulling a defender. Gunn, however, took advantage with Liu scoring in the 75th minute off Robinson's assist.

In perhaps Gunn's best dual meet of the season, the host Titans pinned down a 52-15 SCVAL De Anza Division dual-match victory over Cupertino on Thursday night. Gunn (2-1) handed the Pioneers (2-1) their first loss of the season. The Titans thoroughly trounced the Pioneers, winning 11 of the 14 matches -- five of them by fall.
SCVAL De Anza Division - Gunn 52, Cupertino 15 (at Gunn)
106 -- C. Lee (G) p. Nagtalon, 3:17, 113 -- Rao (C) p. Ortiz, 0:43; 120 --
Papp (G) p. Hernandez, 3:58; 126 -- Sakkas (C) p. I. Cramer, 1:29; 132 -- E.
Cramer (G) dec. Riives, 5-0; 138 -- Mallari (G) dec. S. Lee, 7-5; 145 -- Lai
(G) p. Forristal, 3:59; 152 -- Jin (G) dec. J. Lee, 4-0; 160 -- Bakhshi (C)
dec. Calderon, 7-6; 170 -- Jackson (G) p. Yoo, 1:55
182 -- Davis (G) p. Valdivia, 1:40; 195 -- Lydster (G) dec. Armin, 17-3; 220
-- Mokkarala (G) dec. Stuart, 13-7
285 -- Strnad (G) won by forfeit


The Gunn Girls' Basketball team lost their first two games to Wilcox and Palo Alto. However, on Friday night at Gunn they returned to their winning ways with a 51-39 win over Los Gatos. "This was a much better effort," said Gunn Head Coach Sarah Stapp. "We still have a lot of areas to improve , but I feel much better in how we battled."

The Lady Titans definitely battled in sharp contrast to their 65-49 loss to Palo Alto on Wednesday in a game where they were physically pushed around by their cross town rival. On this night Gunn used its height in Cat Perez and Meghan Mahoney to control the boards and Mahoney led all Gunn scorers with 14 points. Mahoney's points were huge as Perez had a tough night shooting. Gunn got control of the game in the second period when trailing 13-10 they went on a 13-2 run sparked by Zoe Zwerling who scored 11 of her 13 points in the second period.

Unfortunately, the third period blues hit Gunn again as they couldn't a make a field goal in the first five minutes and Los Gatos was able to cut the lead to 35-31. Los Gatos had a chance to cut the lead further but couldn't convert and baskets by Mahoney and Claire Klausner pushed the lead to 39-31 and Los Gatos could never get closer than eight the rest of the night.
Besides Mahoney's and Zwerling's production, the Lady Titans got eight by Claire Klausner, seven from Julia Maggioncalda, five from Oliva Tapia, and two apiece from Karissa Ogawa and Nora Shevick.

Cadence Lee has more decisions to make than most high school athletes, especially when it comes to practice. Does she wear the wrestling headgear today or is it time for the soccer cleats? Decisions. Decisions. That's what happens when you play two sports in the same season. Lee, a sophomore at Gunn High, can be found in the wrestling room one day and the soccer field the next. She is an outstanding wrestler at 106 pounds (ranked 11 in CCS)and a solid soccer reserve for the Gunn girls' team.

Being a two-sport athlete is one thing, but doing it in the same season is another. That makes Lee a rarity in the already busy life of a high school student.

Cory Hatton of Sacred Heart Prep is believed to be the last local high school athlete to play two sports in the same season. He was a placekicker on the Gators' football team in 2005 in addition to playing soccer, which in those days was played in the fall before moving to the winter a few years later.

While soccer and football are similar, wrestling and soccer are not.

"It is rare, but Cadence is rare," said Gunn wrestling coach Chris Horpel. "The only other time I heard of this (combination) was with Jason Welch, now wrestling for Northwestern. He was the goalkeeper on his championship soccer team (at Las Lomas High in Walnut Creek in 2008) and he also won three California state titles (in wrestling). He, too, was very impressive."

Welch was the nation's top high school wrestler in 2008. Lee, of course, is not in that category but she can hold her own on the wrestling mat.

At the Central Coast Section Girls' Wrestling Championships last season, Lee won four matches by pin to win her 16-person division despite being unseeded. She advanced to the inaugural CIF State Championships for girls and finished seventh. During the regular season, she was 5-0 in dual matches (mostly against boys) while helping the Titans win the SCVAL El Camino
Division dual-meet title.

In a dual match against Palo Alto last week, Lee dominated her male opponent and won, 16-1. On Saturday, she finished second in the 106-pound division at the Bianchini Memorial Tournament in Cupertino. On Monday, she scored a goal in the Titans' 3-1 nonleague soccer win over Menlo School.

"The girls' soccer team needed a player and Cadence was game to try both," Horpel said. "Wrestling remains her priority, but she is attempting to do both."

Lee joined the Gunn soccer team shortly before winter break (in December).

"Coach Damian (Cohen) knew I played soccer since I tried out last year," said Lee, a former competitive club soccer player. "And, since the team was lacking players, he offered me the opportunity to participate. I'm extremely glad to be playing both sports."

Cadence sat down with her parents before finally deciding.

"My husband and I discussed the pros and cons with Cadence, but ultimately let her make the decision," said her mother, Emmie. "I don't think there was ever any doubt in her mind, but we wanted her to be aware that taking on two simultaneous varsity sports would not only be physically taxing, and carry with it an increased risk of injury, but would require her to be more
efficient with her time in terms of schoolwork and music -- she plays the oboe in the Gunn wind ensemble."

"The greatest challenge of participating in both wrestling and soccer is making sure I am able to prioritize and juggle all my other activities without becoming overloaded or stressed," said Lee. "Both my coaches and I have agreed that whenever two event conflict, wrestling will always take the top priority."

Cohen said he's fine with that, especially in such an unusual situation.

"I don't think there are that many highly skilled wrestlers that are also excellent soccer players," Cohen said. "The trade-off is that she is first and foremost a wrestler. We are able to have her for a couple of practices and a handful of games, when such works with the wrestling schedule. In other words, she is a part-time soccer player and full-time wrestler.

"As a wrestler, she is scrappy. She hustles and will give everything she has. (In soccer) she has good vision, one-touch play, and isn't afraid to hold the ball, either."

When Lee is playing soccer, she fills in at either the midfield or forward spots. In wrestling, she's the team's No. 1 entrant at 106 pounds.

While wrestling takes place on Thursday (dual matches) and some Saturdays (tournaments) and soccer is Wednesday and Friday in most cases, the two sports do overlap.

"She cannot compete in all of our matches because she needs to meet weight heading into a wrestling meet," Cohen said. "Thus, timing is a factor."

Gunn hosted Palo Alto on Wednesday night in soccer, but Lee di not play because the Titans' wrestling team hosted Cupertino on Thursday night. Friday is free for soccer (at Los Altos) because there is no wrestling tournament on Saturday.

"Yes, unfortunately I will have to miss all the soccer games that occur directly before a wrestling event," Lee said. "The running and conditioning in a soccer game is good for keeping my weight down, but I believe that it definitely tires out my leg muscles more than is preferred."

And, for anyone who has ever wrestled, leg strength is crucial.

Aside from one sport tiring for the other, Lee believes the two sports are very compatible for staying in shape.

"Soccer and wrestling are excellent cross-training for each other," she said. "Soccer requires plenty of running and general fitness while wrestling requires adequate strength and coordination, and I think that each sport prepares me for the other.

"I think it would be wonderful if I could participate in both sports in my next couple of years, if things work out," she said. "But, it all depends on if I am needed on the soccer team."

The Gunn girls' soccer team has 16 players listed on the current roster. Palo Alto and Menlo-Atherton, for example, each have 22. Even Castilleja, the smallest school in the area in terms of enrollment, has 18 players. Once the Titans have enough able bodies, Lee's two-sport status could vanish.

Thus, Lee will continue to juggle her sports and schedules as long as possible -- even though friends can't believe what she's doing.

Said Lee: "Lots of people are amazed and almost everyone asks ' How do you do it?' But, I know that my family is proud of me for attempting to work things out and compete in both my favorite sports."

Adolescent Counseling Services - UPCOMING EVENTS AND RESOURCES

Submitted by Roni Gillenson

Living with a Teenager by Robyn Alagona MFT, Site Director at Gunn High School

It can be difficult to predict daily life with a teenager. Teenagers have a reputation for being unpredictable, capricious, even inflexible. As an adult living with an adolescent it can feel frustrating, anxiety-producing and worrisome to experience the erratic changes teens go through in a week, a day or even an hour. However unsettling this may feel, you’ll be happy to know, this is perfectly normal behavior for a teenager. It is unsettling for us because as adults we often forget what it felt like to be in an adolescent body experiencing unknown, overwhelming emotions and not knowing how to effectively communicate our own experiences. These memories fade in part because many of them are painful. Adolescence is a time of great metamorphosis. Even the smallest shifts can feel enormous. It is our job as parents, caregivers, teachers, counselors and mentors of teens, to understand and acknowledge the challenges that they face and to help them make sense of this time.

The first step in doing this is to acknowledge our own reactions to the challenges of living with a teenager. As mentioned before, this can feel frustrating, overwhelming, and even insurmountable at times. But as adults we need to manage our own feelings so our teens have the space to experience theirs. You may be asking, how do I do this? Well, first and foremost, you the caregiver must care for yourself. You must remember to do the things that keep you balanced and centered, prepared (as well as you can be) to handle whatever walks through the door.

So much of what adolescents want is to be seen, heard and understood, as their own, unique selves. This concept can be difficult for parents. It is hard to watch children grow up and differentiate themselves from us, their families. This however, is one of the most crucial developmental goals of this stage of life; to become an individual who can go out into the world, eventually without us, and thrive.

Understanding and integrating your teen’s need to be an individual can be extremely challenging, but it is one of the major goals of parenthood during this phase. The important thing to remember is that this is not about getting it right all of the time, it is about being willing to try. When we model for our children, at any age, that we can handle life’s challenges, that we can make shifts and practice tolerance for things that frustrate us, we are setting the best kind of example, one of flexibility, maturity, thoughtfulness and a willingness to grow.

Adolescent Counseling Services is a community non-profit, which provides vital counseling services on nine secondary campuses at no charge to students and their families. To learn more about our services please visit the ACS website at or call Robyn Alagona, Site Director at MA (650) 849-7919. ACS relies on the generosity of com-munity members to continue offering individual, family, and group counseling to over 1,500 individuals annually. ACS provides critical interventions and mental health services, building a better future for tomorrow. If you are interested in helping to support our efforts, do not hesitate to call to make a donation. It goes a long way in helping teenagers find their way!

Breaking The Stigma: Teen Self-Esteem
Presented by Adolescent Counseling Services (ACS), join a forum of panelists and keynote speaker Roni Gillenson, LMFT as they discuss the important topic of Teen Self-Esteem and Self-Image. This event is FREE. For more information or questions, please contact ACS at 650.424.0852,, or visit our website at
Thursday, February 9, 2012, 7:00pm to 8:30pm
La Entrada Middle School, Multi-Use Room
2200 Sharon Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Spring Sounds 2012
Adolescent Counseling Services invites you to a night in the Mediterranean! Bask in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Mediterranean at Spring Sounds 2012! Wander through our bazaar, enjoy delectable cuisine, learn how to belly dance, and bring along your band of nomads for an entertaining evening in support of Adolescent Counseling Services. Funds raised will benefit ACS' three community programs and the 7,000 teens and family members served each year. For more information or to purchase tickets online, visit our website at

Saturday, March 24, 2012, 6:30pm to 11:30pm
Club Illusions 260 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306

San Jose Youth Symphony Chamber Orchestra

Submitted by sean hartman

The Chamber Orchestra presents its season opening concert on January 21st at 8:00pm in the Santa Clara University Recital Hall. This is a wonderful venue and the Chamber Orchestra is comprised of an exceptional group of talented young musicians. The rep is as follows:
Beethoven – The Creatures of Prometheus Overture
Haydn – Cello Concerto in C Major – 3rd movement, featuring
Eunice Sim, cello
Piazzolla – Oblivion
Haydn – Symphony No. 101 The Clock – movements 2, 4
Anderson – The Syncopated Clock
This is a free event.

For further information contact the San Jose Youth Symphony offices at 408 885-9220 or

Special Ed Resource Fair

Submitted by Karen Mueller

Special Needs Resource Fair hosted by MVW Special Education PTA and SELPA1-CAC
With an emphasis on summer programs that are inclusive of kids with special needs, this fair will include therapists, tutoring services, legal and financial consultants, art and music programs, sports, horseback riding and more. Please come join us and find out more about opportunities for your kids.
Friday, January 27. 2012 6-9 PM in the Multipurpose Room at Crittenden Middle School 1701 Rock St, Mountain View
More information, contact
This parent education event is free and open to anyone who feels they might benefit. No registration is necessary.

Summer Opportunities for Teens

Submitted by Karen Johnston

Wednesday, Jan 25, 7-8:30 pm, Gunn HS Library,

Summer Opportunities for Teens: Linda Kirsch from the Guidance Department will review information about summer opportunities for teens, including tips on what to look for when evaluating programs. In addition, informational brochures for some programs will be available. Please join us in the library. Sponsored by the Gunn H.S. Guidance Department.