Thursday, April 28, 2016

PACO 50th Anniversary Celebration

Hello PACO Family!
This year we are celebrating PACO's incredibly 50th Anniversary season!!
We will be hosting a blowout gala event at the: 
Saturday, June 11, 2016
4:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Spangenberg Theatre
780 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94306
We will be ticketing the event: LINK TO TICKETS
Students receive a discounted rate, and children are free!!
We hope that everyone can attend (and please bring your families!), and if anyone has any questions at all regarding attendance please contact the PACO front office at or (650) 856-3848
Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gunn BEAM End of Year Celebration

Please join students as they present their final projects and share what they have learned through their BEAM  (Business, Entrepreneurship, and Math) experience. We will also be celebrating BEAM's transition from a club to an official course at Gunn High and introducing the executive board for next year! Refreshments will be provided.
Thursday, May 19, 2016 from 5:30-8:30 PM
Mitchell Park Community Center

The BEAM (Business, Entrepreneurship, and Math) Program strives to create a true public-private partnership by providing Gunn High School students the opportunity to connect with the innovation community of the city in which the school is located.  During first semester, students learn how mathematics applies in the real world through business application from customized curricula created in partnership with Ernst&Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

During second semester, students give back to the community and obtain real-life examples and hands-on experience in fields such as entrepreneurship, finance, and quantitative marketing through their volunteer work for local small businesses and non-profit organizations.  BEAM is partnered with the city in which the school is located, which helps pair the program with local small businesses and non-profit organizations.  Students also receive mentorship and start-up networking support from private sector firms, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst and Young, and SAP, and alumni from Stanford, Wharton, and Santa Clara University.  BEAM is currently run in the Palo Alto Unified School District and the Mountain View Los Altos School District.  Other public and private schools are also in the process of commencing BEAM.

SELPA1:  Monthly "Let's Talk" Event

Wellness Focused for Teens

By Kyle Yamasaki, MFT, Site Supervisor for Redwood Continuation High School 
Wellness has been around for millennia but it feels like a refreshing approach to helping teens with social-emotional problems in our schools.  As the site supervisor at Redwood Continuation High School (RHS) in the Sequoia Union High School District (SUHSD), I can share some of the exciting wellness activities organized by the ACS on-campus counseling team and SUHSD.  But first, what is “Wellness” in this context?
The World Health Organization defines wellness as “the optimal state of health of individuals and groups.  There are two focal concerns, the realization of the fullest potential of an individual physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually, and economically, and the fulfilment of one’s role expectations in the family, community, place of worship, workplace and other settings.”
Pertinent to the teens we work with, research supports that the focus on mental wellness can help with with self-regulation of intense emotions, resilience to stressors, and recovery from crises or illness, for example.  For example, at RHS, although the ACS team often addresses mental wellness issues with referred students who have urgent needs, but we are also more concerned about the presence of wellness for those who do not see us.  The absence of distress does not indicate a presence of wellness.  
Teens come to RHS for extreme deficiency in credits which appears to be symptom of other major stressors.  Most of which are coped with in unhealthy, but peer approved ways such as avoiding school, avoiding family, or self-medicating.  This is in addition to the basic stresses of adolescence.
RHS teachers and administrators, and the ACS team see significant potential in each student. We know this from the students we work with.  Students display resilience against seemingly overwhelming odds.  I discussed these concerns with the ACS interns who suggested ideas to engage students in wellness activities.   
We started with learning more about the students we worked with.  We found that both male and female RHS students overwhelmingly wanted lunch time sport related activities, learn more about cooking and healthy eating, and expressed interest in therapeutic art activities.  
In kind, ACS has started to work on providing activities like this during lunchtime.  So far, we have successfully engaged a small group of adolescent boys in a mural activity and creating spirit stones, for example.  A new social work intern has also recently joined our team who will start to engage the adolescent boys for lunchtime sports activities.  
As a site supervisor at RHS, what has also been remarkable to me is seeing how the ACS interns have also been able to share their passions and talents that match our students.  It seems like a natural synergy that is more meaningful and healthy for everyone.
While ACS’s efforts are just starting, SUHSD has been committed to some innovative wellness activities.  Most notably is RHS’s meditation-based stress reduction and wellness program called Quiet Time, an evidenced based program that has reported outcomes such as improved GPA, increased attendance, and reduced anxiety and psychological distress.  
The core activity of Quiet Time is transcendental meditation that the students, teachers, and administrators all participate in.  On campus in select classrooms, doors are closed with a “meditation in progress” sign.  For 20 minutes, two times a day, students meditate.  Students rave about the positive impacts this has had on their lives.  Students who were having a bad day even came into our ACS office at RHS, needing some space to meditate.
What is most promising for Wellness in our high schools is the effort to help everyone achieve their highest potential and level of functioning.  It is be exciting to see what other new wellness programs will be initiated at different high schools, especially as wellness policies at PAUSD and SUHSD continue to be implemented.
Manderscheid RW, Ryff CD, Freeman EJ, McKnight-Eily LR, Dhingra S, Strine TW. Evolving 
definitions of mental illness and wellness.Prev Chronic Dis 2010;7(1):A19. 

Adolescent Counseling Services is a community non-profit, which provides vital counseling services on nine secondary campuses at no charge to students and their families. To learn more about our services please visit the ACS website at ACS relies on the generosity of community members to continue offering individual, family, and group counseling to over 1,500 individuals annually. ACS provides critical interventions and mental health services, building a better future for tomorrow. If you are interested in helping to support our efforts, do not hesitate to call to make a donation. It goes a long way in helping teenagers find their way!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Parent Ed:  Parenting Teens for Success: A Panel Discussion

(Note: Chinese, Korean, and Spanish translations of this flyer follow below)
To reserve a seat, register at


Julie Lythcott-Haims 主持嘉宾座谈讨论时间

(请加入我们来进行一场即席生动的讨论,讨论主题是《抛弃“一切在计划清单下的童年”观念的好处, 以及教导青少年生活上技能和自我满足感)
(星期四,4月28日) . (晚上7点到9点)
(地点)  (Spangenberg大礼堂)  Gunn High School (Gunn高中
(Julie Lythcott-Haims是纽约时报畅销书作家,史丹佛大学的前任大一新生系主任,同时也是GUNN高中的学生家长。她也曾经受邀在TEDx中演说,在Huffington邮报)
里受邀投稿。目前在California College of Arts学校攻读写作专业的艺术硕士学位。
  • Julie Lytheott-Haims, 主持人
  • Carlos Gonzalez, GUNN高中·学生·家长
  • Dr. Hoai-Thu Truong博士,临床心理学家)
  • Roni Habib, GUNN高中
  • Chloe Sorensen正向心理学教师, GUNN高中高三学生家长主席)

​    작가, Julie Lythcott­-Haims 최하는 공개 토론회 “checklisted childhood”라는 관념버림의 해택 그리고 teen들의 생활기술과 자급자족에 대해  이야기하는 생동감 있는 공개 토론회에 참석하세요
  날짜:  목요일, 4 28 7~9 PM     장소:  Spangenberg Theatre Gunn H,        행사는 무료입니다.  자리예약은 여기서 하세요

 키노트 발표자    Julie Lythcott­Haims  베스튼셀러 가이며에서   이었고Gunn High School 다니는 학생의 부모이다그녀는 에서 섰던  연설자였고 기고하며지금은 에서  글쓰기를 추구하고있다.    토론자 명단  
  • Julie Lythcott­Haims, 사회자  
  • Carlos Gonzalez,  부모  
  • Dr. Hoai-­Thu Truong, 임상 심리학자 
  • Roni Habib,  긍정 심리학 교사  
  • Chloe Sorensen, 학년 회장    질문은 토론중 또는 키노트가 끝나고 할수있음니다

Padres de adolescentes para el exito
Una mesa redonda moderada por Julie Lythcott - Haims Autora de Cómo criar a un adulto:  Rompiendo  la  trampa de la sobreprotección y como preparar a su niño para el éxito.
Por favor Acompáñenos en una animada discusión sobre los beneficios de dejar atrás la infancia y enseñar a los adolecentes  las habilidades para ser auto suficientes.
Cuándo: Jueves Abril  28.  7-9 PM
Donde: Spangenberg Teatro en  Gunn  High School 780 Arrastradero Road Palo Alto.
R.S.V.P Entrada libre, para reservar por  favor registrarse en

  • Julie Lythcott - Haims , moderador
  • Carlos González, Gunn HS padre. (representante de la comunidad hispana)
  • Dr. Hoai-Thu Truong , psicólogo clínico
  • Roni Habib, profesor de la psicología positiva en Gunn HS,
  • Chloe Sorensen, Gunn HS Estudiante Clase Joven Presidente.