Thursday, October 31, 2013

Site Council Meeting, Monday, November 4

Following is the agenda for the next Site Council Meeting - this is the only evening meeting of the year.

November 4, 2013 - 7:00pm - Staff Lounge
CALL TO ORDER - Judy Adams
OPEN FORUM:  Members of the public may address the Council on non-agenda
                            items.  (LIMIT of FIVE MINUTES per person.)
Approval of October 7, 2013 Meeting Minutes (five minutes)
Update on Action Items
Summer School 2014 - Kara Rosenberg
Constituency Representatives’ Reports
Principal’s Report -  Katya Villalobos
                  WASC Update
                  Facilities Update
                  Guidance Update
Board of Education - Katya Villalobos
PTSA - Becky Thomas
                  Volunteers needed for Turkey Feast
Parent Report - Becky Thomas
SEC - Somin Kim
Site Council - Rene' Hart
Approval of Revised Bylaws-Articles VI and VII – all members need to sign
Revised Budget Overview/Carryover (handout)
Next meeting December 2 at 3:55pm   
                  Round Robin
Dessert provided by Somin Kim and Kelly Liu

SELPA 1 CAC Parent Education Event

Alternative Cognitive Therapies – Cognitive therapies using brain-based learning and training can provide many benefits to all students.  Come and hear speakers discuss these therapies:  PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) - What it is and how it helps students with visual and auditory processing issues, executive functioning deficits, short and long term memory problems and slow processing speed.  Neurofeedback - Current state of research, how it works, how long it takes, efficacy in treating ADHD, anxiety and other conditions.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment - Hear how hyperbaric oxygen treatments can help your student with cognitive issues including autism, ADD, CP and other conditions. We'll discuss the role of brain inflammation and will answer your questions.
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 – meeting is 7 to 9 pm.  Hospitality begins at 6:45pm.  Covington Elementary School Multi, 205 Covington, Los Altos 94024.
This parent education event is sponsored by the SELPA 1 CAC (  All of our events are free and open to anyone who feels they might benefit.  No registration is necessary.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jonathan Batiste and his Stay Human Band

Please join us for an evening of great music brought to you by
The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Jonathan Batiste and his Stay Human band
October 29, 2013 at 7:30pm
Gunn High School
780 Arastradero Rd. Palo Alto

A Concert in support of the Launch of the Gunn High School’s Collaboration
Under the artistic direction of Loren Schoenberg, the National Jazz Museum in Harlem has become known for its innovative, interactive, community-based, educational programs that bring the passion and experience of jazz music to audiences of all ages.  For the past several years, the museum has brought these programs to the music students at Gunn High School in Palo Alto, with great success and appreciation from students, teachers and parents.

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of this existing program and the launch of a new initiative: Jazz for Curious Students – From Harlem to Palo Alto, which will bring jazz to ALL students at Gunn High School, the 49ERS Academy and Menlo-Atherton High School. Through experiencing and learning about jazz, students gain a deeper understanding of American culture and history. Our mission is to honor the rich heritage of jazz and to ensure its future in the lives of new generations. 

Advanced tickets available for premier seating/reserved seating:
$25 per person by October 15
send check payable to The National Jazz Museum in Harlem to:
Todd Summers
Henry M. Gunn High School
780 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94306
Or leave in Mr. Summers Mailbox in the main office – please include your name

General admission seating available at the door $20
Contact Todd Summers at for more information or questions.

Todd L. Summers
Director of Bands
Henry M. Gunn High School
President Elect California Music Education Association Bay Section

Adolescent Counseling Service- Do Your Teens Know That You Adore Them?

Submitted by Roni Gillenson

by Rom Brafman Ph.D., Site Director at La Entrada Middle School

It recently occurred to me that few people I have come across truly believe that they are great. Women
appear to be even more apt to have difficulties owning their greatness. Ask someone whether they think
they are great and they're likely to look away or stare at you looking confused: "What have I done that's
great?" It's not about what you've done, it's about who you are. The sad common denominator among those who do not see themselves as being awesome to the core is that their parents didn't tell them that they are. So sit your teen down, do it right now, and tell them how lucky you feel that they're in your life, that
they are a blessing, that you love their little particular habits, or the way they pronounce certain words,
or the way they laugh, or insights that they've shared with you. And if you feel uncomfortable doing
so--because maybe your parents didn't do that with you--then overcome your discomfort and have the
conversation anyway. It's one of the best things you can do psychologically for your teens. And you
should make a habit of it.

We live in an age of inflated cheesy self-esteem talk, where kids are told that they can achieve anything
they put their mind to, that they are brilliant, that they are the best. So I get the reluctance about
pumping up kids with mindless psychobabble. But telling them that they are awesome is a genuine
statement of how you see them. And they need to hear it. Surely they'll roll their eyes or quickly tell
you, "I know, I know" so that you can stop, but And later on in life they'll think twice before staying in a
relationship that's unhealthy or getting down on themselves when life gets tough.

If you love your teens, why hold back? Why not tell them how precious they are to you? How you
feel amazed by the person they are becoming? If you're going to err on one side over the other, it's
much better to err on the side of being too effusive than being too restrictive with letting them know
how you see them. And make sure that they know that it's not just that you think they're great because
their grades are high or because they're staying out of trouble. They're great because of the spark that
they have, because they're a fun person to be around, because they radiate a certain unique glow that
is irreplaceable. Tell them that as often as you can and see them own it in their own lives and pass the
appreciation on to others.

Adolescent Counseling Services is a community non-profit, which provides vital counseling services on eight
secondary campuses at no charge to students and their families. To learn more about our services please visit the ACS website at or call Pamela Garfield, Site Director at Gunn (650) 849-7919. ACS relies on the generosity of community members to continue offering individual, family, and group counseling to over 1,500 individuals annually. ACS provides critical interventions and mental health services, building a better future for tomorrow. If you are interested in helping to support our efforts, do not hesitate to call to make a donation. It goes a long way in helping teenagers find their way!

Alternate Schedules for Oct 14-18

October 14
Testing week schedule
Zero Period (7:08-8:18)
Period A (8:25-9:39)
Period B (9:47-10:57)
Brunch (10:57-11:12)
Period D (11:12-12:22)
Lunch (12:22-1:07)
Period F (1:07-2:17)
Period G (2:25-3:35)
October 15
Testing week schedule
Zero Period (7:08-8:18)
Period E (8:25-9:39)
Period C (9:47-10:57)
Brunch (10:57-11:12)
Period A (11:12-12:22)
Lunch (12:22-1:07)
Period G (1:07-2:17)
October 16
EXPLORE, PLAN, PSAT, Senior assembly
(see schedule below
October 17
Testing week schedule
Zero Period (7:08-8:18)
Period B (8:25-9:39)
Period C (9:47-10:57)
Brunch (10:57-11:12)
Period D (11:12-12:22)
Lunch (12:22-1:07)
Period E (1:07-2:17)
Period F (2:25-3:35)
October 18
No students


Warning Bell
Estimated Time to complete tasks
(Students remain in class until 9:50)

Directions & Instructions for completing Answer Document
Student Information/Answer Fold (40-50  min)
Test 1: English (TIMED: 30 Minute Test)
Test 2: Math     (TIMED: 30 Minute Test)
Test 3: Reading (TIMED: 30 Minute Test)
Test 4: Science   (TIMED: 30 Minute Test)
End of testing session; Begin Titan 101 session
Titan 101 session
(Collect pencils
Sort Answer Documents & Test Booklets
Alphabetize Answer Documents and Test Booklets
Return testing materials to Admin Conf. Room after Titan 101)

Estimated Time to complete tasks

Directions & Instructions for completing Answer Document
Student Information/Answer Fold (65-75 min)
Test 1: English (TIMED: 30 Minute Test)
Test 2: Math     (TIMED: 40 Minute Test)
Test 3: Reading (TIMED: 20 Minute Test)
Test 4: Science   (TIMED: 30 Minute Test)
End of testing session – Students are released at 12pm
Collect pencils
Sort Answer Documents & Test Booklets
Alphabetize Answer Documents and Test Booklets
Return testing materials to Admin Conf. Room

Estimated Time to complete tasks
(Students remain in class until 10:20)

Directions & Instructions for completing Answer Document
Section 1: (TIMED: 25 Minute Test)
Section 2: (TIMED: 25 Minute Test)
Section 3: (TIMED: 25 Minute Test)
Section 4: (TIMED: 25 Minute Test)
Section 5: (TIMED: 30 Minute Test)
End of testing session
All students must remain in class until 12:00pm
Collect pencils
Sort Answer Documents & Test Booklets
Alphabetize Answer Documents and Test Booklets
Return testing materials to Admin Conf. Room

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Site Council Agenda October 7

Submitted by Rene Hart


October 7, 2013 3:55pm Staff Lounge
CALL TO ORDER                                                                            Becky Thomas


OPEN FORUM:  Members of the public may address the Council on non-agenda
                            items.  (LIMIT of FIVE MINUTES per person.)


Approval of September 9, 2013 Meeting Minutes (five minutes)


Schools Task Force/Services Provided By District Office       Brenda Carillo (Student Services)
Final Decision of Fall Proposals 2013-14
Constituency Representatives’ Reports
§  Principal’s Report                                                                       Katya Villalobos
   WASC Update (handout)
   Digital Citizenship for Students
   Admin Responsibilities (handout)
   Facilities Update
   Guidance Update
§  Board of Education                                                                     Katya Villalobos
§  PTSA                                                                                              Becky Thomas
§  Parent Report                                                                              Becky Thomas
§  SEC                                                                                               Somin Kim
§  Site Council                                                                                  Rene' Hart
    Approval of Revised Bylaws-Articles VI and VII – all members need to sign
    2013 Meeting Calendar and Agenda (handout)
          Budget Overview/Carryover (handout)
          Training Meeting Date – no date set yet
          Next meeting November 4 at 7pm
          Future invited guests to speak at meetings:  Kathleen Mar and Barb Mitchell
               Suggestions for other guests
 Round Robin
Light refreshments provided by Ken Plough and Becky Thomas at 3:45

Sports Update (10/4/13)

Submitted by Miriam Rotman

Football – GUNN 21, PROSPECT 14
The 21-14 win over Prospect-Saratoga on Friday night felt really good. It was the first win of the year for the Titans (1-3) and it came in front of an very enthusiastic homecoming crowd.

The Titans had 220 yards rushing on 26 carries from Sean Lydster, who had been bottled up the first three games of the year as opposing defenses stacked the line of scrimmage. Lydster scored on a 60-yard run. Forrest (Bubba) Larson added 113 yards rushing on 19 carries for the Titans, scoring on runs of 12 yards and 1 yard and capped off the night with a game-winning run in the dying minutes of the fourth quarter after 3 turnovers by the Panthers. "The offensive line improved," Hirano said. "That's what we needed. They got better."
"We're the underdog," Hirano said. "Kind of like we were last year when we played them."

"It was a great crowd," Gunn coach Shinichi Hirano said. "We had a great crowd for our first (home) game, too. I'm glad the students are supporting the team. It's more about the kids than anything. All their hard work paid off." The day begun badly as the team found out that RB Marcus Moreno would be out for the season, but the game itself was all good.

Mark Radin led the Titans in tackles with nine, while Dietrich Sweat had 1.5 sacks, sharing a sack with Mason Gong. Guy Kasznik had an interception and a fumble recovery both coming in the crucial 4th quarter and preventing any offense by Pioneer. "Our defense has played well all year," Hirano said.

The Titans start the SCVAL schedule on Friday at Cupertino at 7:30 p.m. The Pioneers are 4-0, including a 40-20 win over Prospect.

Four New Coaches
Gunn Sports is happy to introduce four new coaches who are all dedicated to maintaining and improving athletic achievement at Gunn. 

  • Girls Volleyball - Coach Craig Bankowski is the Palo Alto Elite Volleyball Club, Inc. Director and has been coaching volleyball for 12 years with 20 years of competitive playing experience.  He coaches all forms of volleyball -- sand, grass and indoor volleyball and all age groups -- from elementary school kids to adults competing in schools, clubs, and the pro beach circuit as well as Olympic qualifiers. Coach Bankowski is certified through the Gold Medal Squared Olympic Volleyball Coaches Association. Coach Bankowski: “I love learning through my players and sharing my outrageous passion for the game. I am thrilled to lead our Gunn Varsity Girls Volleyball to share unforgettable memories in our brand new gym!” 
  • Football - Shinichi Hirano, Head Varsity Coach of the football team, grew up in the Bay area attending Mountain View High School and San Jose State University. Coach Hirano initially begun his high school coaching career at his alma mater Mountain View High School in 1994, transferring to Santa Clara in 2003 and becoming their head coach in 2006, and Mountain View High School head coach in 2010. This is Coach Hirano's first year at Gunn and we welcome him to the campus.
  • Cheer - Michaela Guillory has over 20 years of experience in gymnastics and was a J.O. national qualifier in 2005. She has been coaching since she was 17 years old and then found a new love for cheer in 2007. Joining a co-ed level five all-star team, she was able to be a part of a national winning team which also qualified for the world championships in 2008. She has over five years of experience in cheer and was part of the college cheer team at San Jose State University. She has a strong compassion for coaching along with the importance of sport and its ability to contribute to the growth of character and responsibility within each child. Finishing up her movement science degree, she is expected to graduate with her BS in May of 2014.
  • Cheer - Danielle Hypolite came to Gunn with over 20 years of cheerleading experience ranging from Pop Warner, high school, and all stars. She has 3 national titles, 3 grand champion titles, and a best choreography award. Her hobbies include culinary arts, but dedicates most of her time to coaching her Marauder cheer team. She brings to the table a team expectation to help accomplish both team and individual goals for the season. To Danielle it is more than teaching the skill itself, but developing a strong work ethic and conquering life’s lessons.