Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank you Norma and our Wonderful Volunteers!

Kimberley Cowell, Assistant Principal Guidance Department

Once again, the Guidance Department decided to ease the chaos of the first few days of school and provide an opportunity for students to pick up class schedules and make changes before school began. In addition to our fabulous guidance counselors, we had wonderful volunteers as part of the team to hand out nearly 1,400 schedules and assist students with changes. We want to thank all those who helped with this daunting task. We also want to thank Norma Hesterman, our Volunteer Coordinator, for of her efforts. Norma reports that our intrepid Gunn volunteers will contribute nearly 500 hours before the first two weeks of school are over toward getting everything up and running. She has filled 178 volunteer slots for such jobs as before school and first day of school schedule distribution, collecting obligations, helping with Photo Day, textbook distribution, selling gym clothing, and chaperoning at the first dance. Gunn volunteers will also help in the Student Activities Center. and with covering lunch hours in the Academic Center. We thank each of you, and especially Norma!

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