Friday, November 6, 2009

Student-Developed Resources

Diane Downend, Gunn PTSA President

In the face of crises and uncertainty, Gunn students reveal their creativity and passion to rise above it all with the implementation of remarkable resources:

ROCK-reach out, care, know
peer advisory group/student support group that is completely student-run.
Facebook group

HMGGMH (Henry M. Gunn Gives Me Hope)
This site gets a broad range of traffic--not just people from Gunn. Teachers, students, and alums have been submitting their stories.

Talk to Me shirts

Hi, My name is
People post information about themselves with the objective of people getting to know one another better.
Facebook group:

Operation Beautiful
Student place post-it notes with positive messages around campus; the concept is from which was meant to fight body image issues

Gunn High School - Life's a good thing
Students form a pact to never commit suicide. They also discuss suicide/depression.
Facebook group:

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