Thursday, October 14, 2010

City of Palo Alto – Community Meeting Notice Arastradero Road Restriping – Trial Project

Jaime O. Rodriguez,

The City is holding its first post-construction community meeting and you are invited to participate.

At the meeting, the City will provide an update on the remaining construction activities; note issues already identified by the community and proposed immediate solutions by the City; and share the results of recently collected traffic data.

Community Meeting Details:

Where: Terman Middle School
Cafetorium Room
655 Arastardero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94306

When: Thursday, October 21, 2010
6:30PM – 8:30PM

If you are not able to attend and would like to share any additional input, please feel free to send your written comments via email to:

Jaime O. Rodriguez
City of Palo Alto
250 Hamilton Av
Palo Alto, CA 94303
O: (650) 329-2136
F: (650) 329-2154

Major construction on the Arastradero Road – Trial Restriping project is now complete with street repairs, microsurfacing pavement surface application, and roadway restriping installed over August and September. Pending roadway improvements include the installation of final bike and parking lane lines, and bike lane stencils; installation of these items is delayed due to a nationwide plastic roadway material shortage. Two additional improvements scheduled for installation in November include a new marked crosswalk and raised median‐island at Arastradero Road & Clemo Drive and a traffic signal modification at Arastradero Road & Coulombe Drive to provide protected left turn phasing for eastbound Arastradero Road traffic.
The City’s first post‐construction community meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 21, 2010 from 6:30PM – 8:30PM at the Terman Middle School – Cafetorium Room. We encourage students, residents, and commuters to attend to provide their feedback on the project.


  1. Having parts of Arastradero go from two lanes to one has only added to more stress on the part of the students, parents, and teachers. It is more difficult to get into school in the morning and out of school in the afternoon. It also seems to create a greater probability of car accidents as merging can be tricky with heavy traffic. It was a horrible idea from the beginning and I truly hope that it will go back to a two lane street as it should be. It is a major thoroughfare in the city and should be regarded as such.

  2. The new changes are terrible! Traffic is completely backed up as soon as you make the turn from El Camino to Arastradero. As a Gunn teacher, it is awful for teachers as well as students. I can only imagine the nightmare once the rainy season begins.

  3. I very often come home down Arastedero from Hwy 280 to visit my 89 year old Father at the Palo Alto Commons on El Camino Way. A few weeks ago I came down this route at 5:30 PM and much to my horror was stuck in traffic for at least 10 minutes. Previous trips through this corridor was 5 at most. As the city continues to add more and more high density housing on the Charlston/Arastedero corridor, they decide its better to reduce lanes. New housing at the old Rickeys site, new housing off of Fabian/Charleston. I sure hope they aren't going to add new housing at the old Volvo dealship on the corner of El Camino. Lets see, we'll add more people and cars and take away lanes! That will improve everybody's quality of life in Palo Alto! The turn lanes are far too short and most won't fit more than a car or two. It would be much better to just have a suicide lane all the way down. Better yet change it back to the way it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've lived in Palo Alto 47 of my 53 years and it doesn't make any sense that now when we have a larger population and more kids in fewer schools that we restrict the roadways. What was wrong with the original layout?

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  5. When it rained one morning, it took me 20 minutes to go from El Camino to the entrance to Gunn (I turned from El Camino onto Arastradero around 7:35 am). Luckily I had 1st period off, because otherwise I would have arrived late to school.