Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gunn 2011/2012 PTSA Positions Open

Wanted: Gunn Parents (PTSA Members) to serve on the PTSA.
Who can serve? Any Gunn Parent who would like to be involved.

For more information or to sign up, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee:
Steve Hubbell
Charlene Chang
Elaine Kjos
Ruth-Anne Siegel
Jaya Padmanabhan

PTSA Executive Board Positions:
Executive Board positions are elected. No board member can serve more than 2 consecutive terms in the same position. CO-VP Positions are non-voting positions. A brief description of each position is included.
President - Preside at board meetings, nominate/appoint representatives and chairs, authorize payments, prepare annual reports, perform other duties as prescribed by the association
Executive Vice President - Serve as primary aide to the President. Perform duties of President in the absence or disability of the President.
1st VP Community Activities - Serve as the chair of Programs, responsible for the Parent Ed program. Also responsible for publicizing events to the Gunn community.
1st CO-VP Community Activities
1st VP Ways & Means - Serve as the chair of the Membership, responsible for all activities related to marketing, communication, reporting, and record keeping of the membership.
1st CO-VP Ways & Means
1st VP Communications - Serve as the chair of the Honorary Service Awards (HSA) committee responsible for the annual HSA event in May. In addition, oversee the various liaisons. Responsible for consistent distribution of message/information to the Gunn community.
1st CO-VP Communications
Secretary - Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings. Along with the President, prepare and sign all authorizations for payment of expenditure according to the bylaws of the association.
Historian - Assemble and preserve a record of all the activities, achievements and volunteer hours of the association.

Appointed by the President; Serve as the conduit between PTSA and the designated organization.
School Board Observer
Gunn Drug & Alcohol Committee(3 positions)
PiE School Chair (2 positions)
Facilities Steering Committee
Emergency Preparedness(2 positions)
PA PTSA Council Rep #2

Standing Committees/Chairs
Appointed by the President; No member can serve more than two consecutive terms as Chair of the same committee
Grad Night – Chair - Organize the graduation celebration after the commencement ceremony and assist in the logistics of graduation picnic after the rehearsal the day before the graduation.
Grad Night - Treasurer
Challenge Success - Co-Chair

Other Committees/Communications
Appointed by the President; No term limits
Parent Network Rep 2013, 2015 - Foster parent-to-parent support and provide and share information to engage parents in school and student life at Gunn.
Parent Directory #2

Appointed by the President; No term limits
Back to School Brunch/BBQ (Aug) - Plan, organize and execute the Back to School Brunch for Gunn teachers and staff.
Homecoming BBQ (Oct)(4 positions) Advertise the event and sell tickets upfront, ask for food/dessert donations, purchase supplies. Set up and clean up on the day of the event with volunteers.
Turkey Feast (Nov) 4 positions -
This event is for the entire Gunn community students and staff. Work with Gunn administration for extended lunch period, coordinate volunteers for setup, clean up, and serving on the day of the event.
Holiday Luncheon - Responsible for all aspects of organizing a lunch that serves 150-200 staff members held mid-December.
Holiday Luncheon - Dec
Health Fair Chair Organize team of volunteers to put on the fair in spring.
Health Fair - Co
International Fair/Pot Luck (2 positions) -
Coordinate with the World Language Department to organize the week long International Fair and organize the International Potluck lunch.
Gunn HSA Volunteer Lunch (2 positions) - Responsible for all aspects of organizing a lunch that serves 150-200 staff members held in May.
Senior Awards Night - June (Jr Parents) - Provide refreshments for Senior Awards Night.
Teacher Appreciation - Responsible for all aspects of organizing a lunch that serves 150-200 staff members.
Latte Snacks

Appointed by the President; No term limits
Direct Appeal (2 positions)
Gunn Beautification Day (3 positions)
PTSA Wardrobe Rep (2 positions) -
Twice a year clear out Gunn Lost and Found after notifying students and parents via Gunn Connection.
Student PTSA Rep
Traffic Safety(2 positions)
Transit Coordinator(2 positions)
Trip Reduction-Pedal 4 Prizes(2 positions)

Nominating Board
These positions are elected by the Board.
No one can serve who served on the previous year's committee
5 Primary Members and 2 Alternates

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