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Congratulations to 2011-2013 Site Council Parent Representatives

Submitted by Rene Hart

Congratulations to the 2011-2013 Site Council Parent Representatives

Each year, two of the four parent representatives serving on Site Council come up for election. According to the revised Site Council bylaws, incumbent representatives can serve two consecutive terms (four years). Incumbent Linda Lingg opted to seek re-election. Newcomers Azeez Chollampat, Geoff Butner, Preeti Shrikhande, Shanthi Karamcheti, Monica Malamud and Becky Thomas put their names on the ballot in March. After a careful tally, Monica Malamud was newly elected and Linda Lingg was re-elected to assume the two open seats for the next two years. Geoff Butner will serve as alternate at the meetings when a parent cannot attend. They will join John Benza and Susan Thomas representing Gunn parents for 2010-2012.

INCUMBENT for 2011-2013: Linda Lingg , Parent of Joe Bennet, 12th grade and Chris Bennet, 10th grade
“I serve as the Chair for the Parent Reps and as Site Council-PTSA Liaison. Previously at Gunn, I have been PTSA Historian and participated in the Assessment Focus Group of Gunn’s accreditation process with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
I am committed to helping all of our children receive the best education we can give them taking into account their unique gifts, talents, interests, learning styles, maturity levels and post-secondary goals. Through Site Council, I continue to push for self-examination and open discussion of all aspects of Gunn’s culture, academics and administration and to keep communication with the school district and school board transparent and active.
In the past, I have had the honor to serve on Site Council at Barron Park Elementary School for one year and at Terman Middle School for four years with three as the Chair. Other relevant volunteer experiences include five PAUSD district committees, PTA executive board positions at Barron Park and Terman Middle schools, Barron Park Elementary representative on the All School’s Fund board (pre-PiE), and creation of a mentoring program for middle school girls interested in science and engineering in conjunction with St. Elizabeth Seton School and the AAUW.”

NEWLY ELECTED for 2011-2013: Monica Malamud, Parent of Nico Makowski (currently in 10th grade) and Kevin Makowski (who is an incoming 9th grader for 2011-2012).
“While my sons were at Escondido, I volunteered weekly in their classrooms and I was a member of the Site Council for two terms (2002-2006). At Jordan, I was the alternate representative to the Superintendent’s AAAG (Attendance Area Advisory Group) in 2006 and I was a member of the Site Council in 2008-2010, serving as co-chair in the last year. I served as president of SIPAPA in 2002-2003 and 2004-2005.
I have always worked in education. I have taught Computer Science courses and Spanish at different universities in Argentina, Michigan, Massachusetts and the Bay Area. Since 2000, I have been teaching Spanish full-time at a community college. In my current position, in addition to my primary role as an educator, I have occupied a number of leadership positions: Academic Senate Governing Council (7 years so far, currently Secretary), College Council (5 years, including two years as chair), Planning and Budget (4 years), Strategic Planning and Educational Master Plan Steering Committees (3 years), Faculty Union Executive Committee (6 years so far, currently in 3rd year as President). In addition to teaching college level full-time, I worked as a substitute teacher in PAUSD (I substituted from Kinder to high school).
In summary, my experience in education includes teaching kindergarten through college as well as representing parents and colleagues in governance and decision-making bodies. I am used to considering multiple points of view, competing interests and finite resources, and working together to accomplish successful outcomes. If I have the opportunity to serve on the Site Council, I believe that my broad experience in education and leadership roles will allow me to make a valuable contribution to Gunn’s community.“

For more information on Gunn's Site Council, contact Rene Hart, Gunn's Site Council Coordinator at 849-7932 or email to: Rene Hart

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