Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tasting Week in Palo Alto

          Submitted by Rebecca Scholl 
Get your taste buds ready, Tasting Week is Coming to Palo Alto 
Here is a sneak preview of tasting activities going on in our community and at our school:
*   October 12: Launch of Bay Area Tasting Week in San Francisco at
the Metreon from 7PM to 12AM.  Click
*    October 22: A to Z salad bars and Cooking Demonstrations will be served at Gunn in the staff room at lunchtime. It is available to everyone who purchases hot lunch so remember to give your student money or put money in their hot lunch account by going to the website
* October 23 Chef Jean-Yves Charron, executive chef at Galaxy Desserts (the makers of the famous "lava cake") will visit our school for tasting workshops in several of our classrooms. In addition 400 Rumbles whole grain baked crisp bags will be donated by Revolution Foods in the Student Activity Center in the afternoon.  Many thanks to Revolution Foods for their donation. At 3PM, Pinkberry will visit our campus to sell their famous frozen yogurt.
October 25: Pinkberry will visit our campus again.
*   November 11: Tasting Week opens up its doors to the public with a grand event for families from 10AM to 3PM at  the Presidio in San Francisco . Sign up here Many opportunities for Community Services hours if you like food and kids. Contact us for details.
Tasting Week is an association that invites chefs to schools to meet children and together discover, enjoy and share new tastes and food.
Tasting Week was created by a group of parents from Palo Alto who believe that educating children about taste is the best way to get them to love food and at the same time fight obesity. You can contribute to Tasting Week by donating here
More information on the Tasting Week website or contact

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