Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Site Council Representatives:

Congratulations to the 2014-2016 Site Council Parent Representatives 
Each year, two of the four parent representatives serving on Site Council come up for election. According to the revised Site Council bylaws, incumbent representatives can serve two consecutive terms (four years).  Incumbent Geoff Butner opted not to seek re-election. Becky Thomas ends her two terms of service this year. Newcomers Stacey Ashlund, and Jyoti Sahdev put their names on the ballot along with 11 other parents in March. After a careful tally, Stacey Ashlund and Jyoti Sahdev were elected to assume the two open seats for the next two years. Polly Diffenbaugh, 1st Runner Up, will serve as alternate to the meetins when a parent cannot attend. They will join Gwen Liang and Maggi Smeal representing Gunn parents for 2014-2016.
NEWLY ELECTED for 2014-2016: Stacey Ashlund, parent of Brendan Creemer, 9th grade
“I served on site council at Juana Briones for 2 years.  We tracked and assessed progress on programs for ELL, Language Arts, and Special Education.  I’ve served on the (CACC Community Advisory Committee) for Special Education since 2009 and currently serve as vice-chair with inclusion and organize parent ed events.  I’ve been PIE chair at Terman (2 years) and co-chair at Gunn (1 year).  I’m on the PIE Advisory Board and the City of Palo Alto Parks and Recreation Commission.  I consult in User Experience Research and Design.  I have a 6th grader at Terman and a 9th grader at Gunn.  I’m excited to help serve on site council at Gunn.  Go Titans!”
NEWLY ELECTED for 2014-2016: Jyoti Sahdev, parent of Arjun Sahdev, 10th grade
“I have three children, one of whom attended Gunn high school and graduated in 2007. Currently, I have a sophomore, Arjun Sahdev. Last year I had the pleasure of serving on the Gunn Advisory Committee. It was hard yet worthwhile work where we worked on student needs first and foremost. The GAC, similar to the Site Council, was a collaborative effort with members from students, teachers, administrators and parents. After participating on the GAC, I learned how the school operates. All the stakeholders have to work together. Lastly, I work as a family dental surgeon and own my office. All business decisions related to the running of my office are made by me.”

For more information on Gunn's Site Council, contact Rene' Hart, Gunn's Site Council Coordinator at 849-7932, or

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