Thursday, April 23, 2015

Site Council Information

Congratulations to the 2015-2017 Site Council Parent Representatives!
Each year, two of the four parent representatives serving on Site Council come up for election. According to the revised Site Council bylaws, incumbent representatives can serve two consecutive terms (four years). Incumbents, Gwen Liang and Maggi Smeal opted not to seek re-election.  Newcomers Jane Dick, Liz Milner and Kathy Veit put their names on the ballot in March.  After a careful tally, Jane Dick and Liz Milner were elected to assume the two open seats for the next two years.  Kathy Veit will serve as alternate at the meetings when a parent cannot attend.  They will join Stacey Ashlund and Jyoti Sahdev representing Gunn parents for 2014-2016.
NEWLY ELECTED for 2015-2017:  
Jane Dick, Parent of Shep Dick, 9th grade - “I served on the Ohlone Elementary School Site Council for two years, including a year as chair.  In addition, I have chaired the boards of the Ohlone PTA, JLS Middle School Connections program, and Friends of Preschool Family, and I am currently serving as parliamentarian for the JLS PTA.  This year, as the parent of a Gunn freshman, I have been thrilled to be included in the WASC self-study as a member of the leadership team, attending all-day working retreats with staff, students, and other parents to work together to define the key Critical Learner Needs for Gunn’s next 6 years.  I am energized and challenged by opportunities to collaborate in our schools, to ask important questions, and to focus on solutions and improvements.  I would utilize my background of active, collaborative leadership in our schools, my willingness to learn and to listen, and my familiarity with our current WASC self-study to contribute to the Gunn community as a Site Council parent representative.”
Liz Milner, Parent of Abi, 12th grade and Emily, 9th grade “I have a graduating senior, a freshman and another future freshman coming in 18 months, so I'll be invested in Gunn for a while. Having sat on the WASC leadership team for the last six months I have a vision of what Gunn will focus on for the next six years and how we are hoping to go about that. I am a minister in a Palo Alto church and have volunteered as a chaplain in the jail so I'm used to difficult meetings and intense situations in many sectors of society! I used to be a high school math teacher in London so I feel I can bridge the parent-teacher gap with some understanding of both groups. Finally I love the community at Gunn and have suffered along with my kids and their friends over recent tragic situations. I'm hopeful for solutions that don't simply put a "band aid" on but are lasting, compassionate and realistic for teachers, students and parents.”

For more information on Gunn's Site Council, contact Rene' Hart, Gunn's Site Council Coordinator at (650) 849-7932 or email to:

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