Thursday, February 28, 2013

Site Council Agenda March 4

Submitted by Rene Hart

March 4, 2013 Ÿ  3:55pm Ÿ Library

CALL TO ORDER                                                                                      Grace Park

OPEN FORUM:  Members of the public may address the Council on non-agenda
                            Items.  (LIMIT of FIVE MINUTES per person.)


Approval of February 4, 2013 Meeting Minutes (five minutes)

Constituency Representatives’ Reports
§  Principal’s Report                                                                       Katya Villalobos
                  Powerpoint Presentation of Guidance Advisory Committee Report to Gunn
Evaluation Presentations
   Rachel/Anne Dumontier     Judy/Cindy Peters   Gabriella/Meg Omainsky
Agenda Lightening Round - List of Critical Topics not on the Agenda
    (To add to end of agenda or for future agendas or follow up)
Constituency Representatives’ Reports
§  Board of Education                                                                     Katya Villalobos   
§  PTSA                                                                                              Becky Thomas
§  Parent Report                                                                              Linda Lingg
§  SEC                                                                                               Kathleen DeCoste
§  Site Council                                                                                  Rene' Hart
                    Evaluation presentations April 8
                         Rachel/Liz Matchett    Chris/Monica Espinoza
             Next meeting April 8 at 3:55pm – Tina Nesberg will chair
                  Kathleen DeCoste and Monica Malamud will bring light refreshments. 
              Parent Rep election this month – two spots will be open (Linda Lingg will complete     
              two terms of service and Monica Malamud is eligible to run again.)
              Call for Proposals this month     First Reading next month     Final Decision in May
              Next month:  Tour new facilities at beginning of meeting
              Round Robin - questions or concerns

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