Thursday, February 28, 2013

Site Council Parent Rep Candidates

Submitted by Rene Hart

for Your 2013-2015 Gunn HS Site Council Parent Representatives
We are pleased to present the following slate of parent-candidates for the 2013-2015 Site Council. Each year, two of the four parent representatives serving on Site Council come up for re-election. According to Site Council bylaws, incumbent representatives can only serve two consecutive terms (four years). This year, Monica Malamud and Linda Lingg will retire their seats.  Monica served two years  of distinguished service and Linda served four years  of distinguished service to Gunn’s Site Council. Thanks to Monica Malamud and Linda Lingg who have graciously offered their services to our community.
Please vote for TWO (2) candidates and either fax, mail or email it to the Site Council office here at Gunn by the Thursday, March 21  deadline. Please email your E-ballot to :  Please include your Gunn student's name and grade on your e-ballot. NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A STUDENT ATTENDING GUNN THIS YEAR TO VOTE. ONLY ONE BALLOT PER HOUSEHOLD ACCEPTED.  The ballot must be in the office by March 21.
If you have any questions about the election process or the Site Council, please call the office (650.849.7932) or email to the address given above. Election results will be announced in next month’s  Gunn Connection. VOTE NOW!!!

p MANUEL GUERRERO, Parent of Michael Werer (9th grade)
No previous experience on a Site Council.
Last 10 years working for non-profits in finance and administration areas.
Three of those 10, I worked @ a Middle/High school.
Currently, volunteering as a Treasurer in a non-profit residence.
It would be an honor to participate as a member in the Gunn Site Council.

p GWEN LIANG, Parent of Amy Watt (9th  grade)
I had been an electrical engineer for more than 20 years, with product development and R&D project management/lead experience in the semiconductor industry. I went to Fudan University, China (BS Physics) in the early 1980's; then earned an MSEE from Stanford University; and went on my engineering career. My children were born and have lived in Palo Alto their entire lives. Last Spring, I decided to become a full time mom as my older daughter Amy Watt was about to embark on her high school journey at Gunn. I also have a 7th grader girl. It was a difficult but right decision for me because of my desire to spend more time with my growing children and become more involved in their schools. Since last fall, I've immersed myself in understanding how the Gunn community operates--the administration, curriculum and courses, campus life and activities besides academics, on-going facilities improvements, etc. I am also delighted to see my daughter Amy embracing the challenges and opportunities at Gunn. She is thriving academically, socially and athletically albeit being born without her lower left arm and hand. I'm ready and want to help Gunn serve all our children well. My high tech corporate experiences, educational and cultural backgrounds, my unique perspective from raising a resilient child with physical differences, and most importantly--my strong desire to serve the Gunn community are valuable assets that I bring. I believe I'll be an effective team member of the Gunn site council, and will bring diversity and unity to the team as well.   

p MAGGI SMEAL, Parent of Jamie Hattler (9th  grade)

My name is Maggi Smeal and I would love to continue to serve on the Site Council at Gunn! I first started on site council at El Carmelo Elementary where I served 2 terms and then went on to serve 2 terms at JLS Middle School. Currently I am serving on the Gunn Site Council. I have worked in numerous PTA Executive Council roles and served on the District PTA Council. For many years I served as a pediatrician on the PAUSD Health Council as well. I feel very passionate about about making our schools the very best environment for our children's academic, social and emotional development. I enjoy working with the principal, administration, teachers and students on site council and hearing all views as to how to best accomplish our commons goal in achieving the best possible school environment for all children. I have worked on many projects including social-emotional well being, after school sports, green initiatives, healthy food choices and reviewing teacher grants. I have 2 children and one is currently a freshman at Gunn. I work part time as a pediatrician in urgent care pediatrics supervising Stanford medical students and residents at Santa Clara Valley  Medical Center and love trail running, biking, swimming and any outdoor adventure with my family. 



     Vote for 2 candidates either on paper or electronically NO LATER THAN MARCH 21.
Voters must have a student now at Gunn. One ballot per household, please.
                                               p MANUEL GUERRERO  
                                               p GWEN LIANG
                                               p MAGGI SMEAL                                                                                                                          

 Your Gunn Student’s Name:_________________________________ Grade:_________
Mail to Gunn HS Site Council:      780 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Fax to Gunn HS Site Council : 650.493.7801
Email to:

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