Thursday, March 13, 2014

YouthStartup - SAT+ACT Prep and/or TeenStartup 
Spring Break:  March 31 - April 4 or Summer: June 9 - 13
Gunn Room C4
Youth Startup is dedicated to fostering learning through entrepreneurial problem solving and internship. Youth Startup is offering classes (M-F, 9-3) for grades 9-12th.  Register for either week’s AM, PM or both (best value).  To see the flyer click here.
  1. SAT+ACT Prep (AM): Reach your best scoring potential for both tests. Effective and efficient lessons/practices
  2. TeenStartup & leadership (PM): Start a project to learn life lessons. Explore career interests. Improve your chances of getting into your reach school. Build leadership & critical thinking skills.  

Enter YoungVisionaryContest to win >$1000 awarded at participating incubators.
Kathy Smith, info@youthstartup.com408-256-0050

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